鈥榃e offer a supportive resettlement package to make the change as easy as possible,鈥?says the Army鈥檚 guidance to those leaving the service.
Harry is not in urgent need of the 拢15,000. He inherited 拢10 million of his late mother Princess Diana鈥檚 fortune when he turned 30.
Harry spoke last week about the difficulties he would face returning to Civvy Street, saying it was a 鈥榬eally tough鈥?decision to leave the Army.
鈥業nevitably, most good things come to an end and I am at a crossroads in my military career,鈥?he said.聽
鈥業 am considering the options for the future and I am really excited about the possibilities.鈥?A Palace spokesman describes the package as 鈥榓 private matter鈥?
A royal source says: 鈥業t will be down to him what he does with his pension and other possible bits and pieces.鈥?Ex-parrot buried with snapper Bob
Outr茅 photographer Bob Carlos Clarke, who died nine years ago today, loved exotic animals, once even convincing Jerry Hall to straddle an alligator for a shoot.
But the Wellington College-educated fashion snapper had a special place in his heart for his Amazon parrot Beano, whom he spotted in a Brixton pet shop in 1970.
Sadly, Beano died last week at the grand old age of 65 and has been buried next to his owner in Brompton Cemetery, West London.
Carlos Clarke鈥檚 daughter Scarlett, 24, says: 鈥楬e would travel around on the outside wing mirror of dad鈥檚 car, even down the motorway.聽
'He hung out with the Sex Pistols, the Stones; he was a pretty cool parrot. He will be greatly missed.鈥櫬?I'm so proud our Freddie likes men

Family first: Proud sister Emilia with brother Freddie
When Freddie Fox recently implied he could be bisexual 鈥?鈥楳ost of my life to date has been as a straight man, but who knows what will happen next?鈥?鈥?old cynics assumed it was a ploy to promote his gay TV drama Cucumber.
But Fox鈥檚 sister, Silent Witness star Emilia , insists otherwise.
鈥業鈥檓 really proud of my brother for saying he could fall in love with a man because I think he鈥檚 being true to himself,鈥?she says.
鈥榃e shouldn鈥檛 label anyone, and, as he said, it鈥檚 all about falling in love with the person and not what sex they are.
鈥楬e said that at 26 years old 鈥?that鈥檚 pretty grown up!
聽'It鈥檚 a topic that鈥檚 so relevant today, to be able to be who you want to be.
'It鈥檚 much better than feeling like you鈥檝e got to hide.鈥?Freddie鈥檚 comments followed rumours that he was stepping out with Prince Harry鈥檚 ex, Cressida Bonas.
Although the pair were photographed at a screening of director Tim Burton鈥檚 movie Big Eyes, no impropriety occurred.

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